Whain is a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from the
Caribbean island of Trinidad.He lives in the South Florida area and has
many years experience playing live performances both locally and
internationally.His work in the recording studio as a writer/producer is also
Songs selected for his musical sets are carefully chosen to create
a tropical and exotic atmosphere.They are designed to take the listener on
a musically journey around the world.Through the music one can vicariously
visit places like Jamaica ( Bob Marley/Jimmy Cliff/Harry Belafonte) Trinidad
& Tobago ( Steeldrum music/Soca)Florida Keys (Jimmy Buffet ),Puerto
Rico ( Mark Anthony/Tito Puente ),Mexico ( Santana ),England ( Sting/Adele
Eric Clapton ),Ireland (U2 / Van Morrison)Georgia ( Ray Charles ),New York
Chicago/ San Franciso ( Frank Sinatra)Brazil (Carlos Jobim/Sergio Mendes ) ....
Included in the Song list are some video samples of material covered
during the course of an engagement.A video sample is worth a thousand words
and an endless simle.Oh,a thousand dances also.
Whainybee Music is the sweet place to come to if your are looking for
entertainment to suite any occasion.Whether it's simply back ground music or
shake your booty,get down stuff you are in good hands.